Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Original Title

This is where my NaNoWriMo novel for 2006 will live and be written this year. This year’s novel will be a fictional memoir, meaning I’ll be making most, but not all, of it up.

I later changed tht title to “Under the Table,” but this was the original post to get things started. I’ll use this title some day, for something.

The title, “Jaindl Good,” is a reference to a billboard in Kutztown, Pennsylvania that I used to pass almost every weekend driving back and forth from New York City to Shillington, Pennsylvania. The advertisement was for a local Ford car dealership, Jaindl-Good Ford, and the full billboard read:
There’s Good.
There’s Very Good.
And There’s Jaindl-Good!
Jaindl-Good Ford, Kutztown, Pennsylvania
In my youth, to my friends and me, Jaindl Good was the highest expression of quality we could muster. It was the limit, beyond good into the territory of the great. It used to crack us up … every time. It seemed so Pennsylvania Dutch, especially when you pronounce the name Jaindl with a soft “Y” sound (as inyeah), though we were never quite sure if it was Jaindl with a “J” or a “Y.” Either could have been correct.

Sadly, I never took a photograph of that infamous — to me at least — billboard. When you’re young, you arrogantly believe nothing will change, everything — and especially you — is permanent. It isn’t until you’re older that you realize how horribly wrong you were but by that time it’s generally too late. I’ve tried to get more information about the actual company but apparently they’ve been out of business for awhile now. Searching on the web, all I’ve ever found was their logo on a vintage t-shirt.

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